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Creation by Amy Bowie

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That Special Someone

               Most every Methodist Church has a member who every one regards as “that special someone” - often a long-time member, usually a little on the elderly side - but, always someone who just seems to keep on the Church, to their family, and to those they barely know....or don’t know at all.

                 If your Church has such a person, I would like to help you do something nice for them - to show them how much they are loved, and how much their efforts are appreciated.   To that end, I have decided to accept your nominations for the “Special Someone of the Month”.  At the end of each month, I will go over all of your nominations and select a “winner”.   

                 Each month’s winner will be given a gift boxed Large Sterling Silver Methodist Cross and Flame Pendant and Sterling Silver Diamond-cut Rope Chain along with a ”Special Someone of the Month” Certificate as a gift from me.   Get your nominations in now - by filling out and submitting the form below!

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