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Fellow Methodists:

         Hello, my name is Jack Vogt, and I am a member of Conley’s United Methodist Church, located in Lewes, Delaware.                .                                            I am also the owner of Treasures Unlimited, a fine Jewelry Company which is a member of “Jewelers of America (JA)” and  listed on the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT).                                                                                                                The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) of the United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN, has licensed Treasures Unlimited to produce the UMC Cross and Flame Symbol as a fine 14K Gold or Sterling Silver Pendant and Charm.                                                                                                   As a Christian, I am committed to spreading God’s word in every way possible - and I feel that one way of doing so is to offer this beautiful pendant at a wholesale price to United Methodist Churches in order that they in turn can offer it to members and friends at a very low discount price while at the same time raising much needed funds for Church related activities (Youth Groups, Building Funds, Mission Programs, etc) - the end result being that we help as many as possible to have and wear it to show their love and commitment for God and the United Methodist Church.                                                                            I am currently producing the pendant in the two sizes shown and described on the next page.    Either size pendant can also be made into a tie tack, lapel  pin, or pair of earrings at additional cost.                                                        I am also offering the beautiful “Jesus Fish” as a fine 14K Gold or Sterling Silver Pendant or charm - and both 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Chains at similar low prices.   In response to your many requests, we have also added a wide selection of Jesus Fish Rings.                                                                    Please contact me if you have any questions at all concerning this offer.   

             Treasures Unlimited, 34393 Skyler Drive, Lewes, Delaware  19958.                                            Phone 302-945-1770  or  301-980-6929 (cell)                                                               email:  Sales@treasuresunlimited.com